1. What are the rates for each of the other services?
  2. These rates can be found in the "useful information" section on our website.

  3. What constitutes a change of destination?
  4. When the originally documented station is changed.

  5. Can the destination for containers be changed after they've been placed on the flatcar or are en route?
  6. No, intermodal trains cannot be cut and also flatcars are shared with other customers.

  7. What constitutes a change of documentation?
  8. Any change made to the waybill that is not a change of destination.

  9. Is there any fee for changing the payer of the freightage when an invoice has already been issued?
  10. Yes, this is considered a rebilling service and requires a change of document.

  11. How can I calculate the demurrage on my units?
  12. You have 24 hours to load/unload from when the units are placed, after this time, demurrage charges apply.

  13. What time does the free time start on public tracks?
  14. If the car is placed after 8:00 am, the free time will start at 8:00 am the next business day.

  15. When does the free time start for delivering customs documents for containers?
  16. The time starts when the flatcar is documented.

  17. Can the points accumulated over the month be applied to demurrage for which the customer is responsible (lack of space, cancelled track, closed door, etc.)?
  18. Yes, a calculation is made at the end of each month to determine the charges corresponding, therefore it at each month close when points are tallied and applied accordingly.

  19. Can the points be accumulated and applied to physical delays occurring during other periods?
  20. No, they cannot.

  21. How is it determined whether a flatcar is overloaded?

We have a system called WILD (wheel impact load detector), which identifies any unit that is overloaded based on the specifications for each flatcar according to the UMLER.

For more information, please call 800 33 77 663 option 6.